Bert Willaert

Excellent knowledge of amphibians and reptiles, experienced macro photographer
Nature photography, amphibians and reptiles, ecology and biodiversity
Photos used by international organizations IUCN, Arkive, .. Publications in Journal of Experimental Biology, Plos One, South American Journal of Herpetology, ...
Master of Biology at Ghent University
photography : 
Amphibians, reptiles, underwater photography and nature in general

Tour guide Bert Willaert

For tour leader Bert Willaert, amphibians and reptiles are his great passion. He is in his element with moist weather and explores brooklets and pools with joy in search of these beautiful animals. As a nature photographer, he likes to record his sightings by freezing them in beautiful photographs. 


Nature as leitmotif 

Bert has always been interested in cold-blooded animals. His biology studies were evident and his knowledge of herpetology increased steadily over the years. He loves to go looking for amphibians and study and photograph them at night. This "nocturnal nature" is a noble unknown to many people. However, in most places it's uncomparable to what you see during the daytime. Through his photography and as a guide, he would like to share this with a larger audience.


Professional career

After completing his Master's degree in Biology, he worked 3 years as a PhD student at the Amphibian Evolution Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The perfect immersion in his great passion!



Bert mainly traveled in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. He has an absolute weakness for the last continent and therefore started a conservation project in Bolivia!