David Van den Schoor

All-round-ornithologist with observations on six continents, pronounced social skills.
7000 bird species, many cats like Tiger, Black Asian Leopard, Pallas' Cat, Clouded Leopard, African Golden Cat, Ocelot, Margay, Pampas Cat and Jaguar.
Antpittas and related. With 57 of the 65 species he is well on his way to see all the species of this group.

Tour guide David Van den Schoor

David Van den Schoor (°1968) is an all-round ornithologist who has explored 5 continents for his bird trips. With almost 7000 observed species he belongs to the absolute top of the Benelux! Moreover, he is also very social and has a wide interest, from sports to culture and politics. The perfect combination for a nature trip tour guide. David lives in Herenthout.


Nature as leitmotif

Since he was 10, David has been fascinated by birds. His father shares the same passion and soon they were out exploring together every week. At 14 he went in search of special species such as the Harlequin Duck of IJmuiden. From the age of 17, his bird travels took him to Spain, Hungary and Morocco where he spotted the Slender-billed Curlew in the nick of time. An adventure he still remembers fondly. Canada and North America were his first long-haul destinations, followed by India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Nepal in the early 90s and later on Asian and African countries. Since 1998, his heart is in Central and South America. With no fewer than 24 bird trips South America is a bit like home away from home! Also, in the mean time he has visited West Papua and the 5th continent of Australia. David doesn’t only have a soft spot for birds, but also for cats.



The vast experience and knowledge of species make David Van den Schoor the perfect tour guide for our trips to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.