Frank Resseler

Wanderlust, social, Burgundian, broad knowledge and ability to convey this in an approachable way
Presenter ‘Wild van dieren’, winner Swarovski’s DOY category film
Macro, film and timelapsing
Master/licentiate Biology
Harpy, poison dart frogs, army ants, Bushmaster, Zigzag heron, Moorfrog and Potoos

Tour guide Frank Resseler

His love for nature was engrained in Frank from when he was a baby. No surprise ha became the youngest ever nature guide in Flanders at only 16! The urge to show others the splendour and magnificence of our natural environment was the leitmotiv for his studies. It would also be the spark that generated the establishment of dekijkhut, a production house of nature films. 

The Amazon shaping the guide

After graduating as a biologist at the University of Antwerp, Frank wanted to, first of all, experience pure unspoilt nature. No better place for this than the Amazon rainforest in South America. This fondness for the Neotropics was more than a passion when he became an Amazon guide for 3 months for eco-tourists and avid birdwatchers in the Cristalino lodge in Brazil. The adventures were endless and he loves sharing his stories with a glass of wine by the fire during one of our trips.



Frank has two specialties. General nature in Belgium and South America. Frank is a centipede and can tell you something interesting about anything and everything. He is the perfect man to convince you of the natural beauty around us in an accessible and approachable way. It was no surprise he was one of the supporting pillars in the nature programme ‘Wild van Dieren’ (Mad About Animals) on VTM. A real success that made people look around them when out and about in nature. His second love is on the other side of the ocean. With experiences in Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Brazil, he has travelled most of South America. He is your dream guide for a trip to the most biodiverse continent in the world!


Professional career

Frank is a freelance biologist and since a few years has had his own unique production house for outdoor and nature films! We recommend you take a look at his website.