Jeffrey Van Daele

Full time nature photographer, experienced teacher, passionate, motivating and inspiring
Nature photography from macro to telephoto to wide angle
Wildlife and macro

Tour guide Jeffrey Van Daele

For years Jeffrey has been inspiring and motivating his nature photography students. Jeffrey likes to take them on photography trips and this is how he ended up at STARLING. ‘Passing on the passion’ is his incentive to teach and accompany photography tours! He will gladly help you with the settings on your camera, finding the right background or composition and most of all how to bring atmosphere into a picture. A photography guide who thinks your picture is just as important as his!


Nature as leitmotif

Jeffery only discovered his passion – in contrast to many others – at a later age. But he has largely made up for his late start. Apart from selling nature pictures to the benefit of nature conservation, he is also an active member of Natuurpunt, he has a seat in the Environment Council of his municipality and he helps out at the rescue centre for wild animals in Merelbeke, providing both pictures and actions. 



The experience he gathered during his trips in Europe, South America and southern Africa make him the ideal partner for your photography tour!


Professional career

Until 2010 Jeffrey worked as an IT Coordinator in education. By means of self-study and many years of though practical assignments he was able to give up his job in 2010 and become a full time photographer. On the one hand this consisted of teaching photography lessons in adult education and on the other hand by photographing events, products and portraits as a freelance photographer. But Nature’s calling was stronger than expected and it did not take long for Jeffrey to make the decision to follow his passion and only focus on the discipline of nature photography.

Apart from organising workshops and lectures, Jeffery is to the present day still a dedicated teacher who inspires and motivates his students during the nature photography lessons he teaches in adult education. These courses are very popular, so in order to travel with Jeffery you need to book your space in good time.