Johannes Jansen

Quality all round knowledge, serene approach
Founder Batumi Raptor Count
Birds, mammals, butterflies, moths, dragonflies, grasshoppers and plants.
Master Biology

Tour guide Johannes Jansen

For Johannes, like many other Starling tour guides, travelling in nature is a lifestyle. Most of all, he loves exploring pristine nature. Venturing into unknown territories, discovering the flora and fauna are totally his thing. His knowledge is extensive: from birds to dragonflies, amphibians, reptiles, butterflies and plants. In short, diversity trumps!


Nature as leitmotif

As a child, Johannes (°1985) was fascinated by nature and it dominated his past-time. He got involved with the youth movement JNM at all levels in the organisation. From organising various camps, over education to the nature study working group. He soon focused on nature conservation and his career has been pretty spectacular up to now.

His extensive knowledge of ecology was rewarded with his diploma of Biologist, specialising in the conservation and restoration of biodiversity. He works at STARLING as assistant manager and is also responsible for the organisation, administration and promotion of our products.

Johannes is also one of the founders and driving forces of the Batumi Raptor Count. An ambitious project to map the raptor migration in Georgia and to curb the local hunt passively. STARLING is also closely involved in this project.



Johannes’ true love is Eastern Europe, with numerous visits to Georgia (annually since 2007), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Poland, Estonia, Hungary and Romania. In addition Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Morocco, Cyprus, the United States and Israel are all on his list! He has also experienced more exotic destinations such as Suriname, Sri Lanka and Thailand.