Karl Van Ginderdeuren

Experienced nature photographer and guide, multilingual, profound ecological knowledge!
Nature photography, both high-speed, telephoto, wide angle and macro.
Dr. in Marine Biology
Two-time winner Argus Photo Contest, large marine image database, freelance work for three television programs about animals. Guided nature and photography tours in Europe, Asia and both polar regions.

Tour guide Karl Van Ginderdeuren

Karl Van Ginderdeuren (°1984) is an atypical nature photographer from Aalst, residing in Ghent. "The fewer pictures you make, the better you can make them." Is his motto. Karl studied biology together with STARLING founder Billy and he is known for his captivating and interesting stories. He also helped with the creation of Europes Big 5 by Jan Kelchtermans.


Nature as leitmotif

As the son of a forester, nature was a daily topic in Karl’s life. As a child he already experienced everything you could possibly see, hear, feel and smell in nature. He developed a strong liking for elusive mammals. Photography, with its technicality, came later. The stalking, with a telephoto lens on his back, soon gave way to high-speed photography. Not least thanks to his friendship with our guide Pieter-Jan D'Hondt! The two were members of the same youth movement, and they are always inspiring each other for the next project. For example, for a project with bats, mice and other small vermin that no one has ever seen before.


Professional career

After graduating from university, Karl Van Ginderdeuren remained active as a researcher and spent four years writing a doctoral thesis on fish in the southern North Sea as well as the zooplankton they eat. Many weeks at sea opened Karl’s eyes. It ultimately resulted in a large marine image library, often with rare images of pelagic species and landscapes. In 2014, Karl went to work in sales for a biotech company in clinical diagnostics. Combining Scientific interests with commercial skills: a perfect combination.