Pieter-Jan D’Hondt

Strong all-round knowledge, a passion for photography and mammals.
Publications at the BBC, final places at Argus Photo Contest
Preference for mammals and birds in breathtaking scenery
Scandinavian species and landscapes, with the cherry on the cake being Svalbard in winter.
Biology with specialisation in Ecology and Diversity

Tour guide Pieter-Jan D’Hondt

Pieter-Jan (°1991) is a passionate nature photographer with a love for cold regions. You can ask him any question related to photography. This combined with his captivating stories and strong field knowledge ensure that every trip with Pieter-Jan will be one you’ll never forget!


Nature as leitmotif

The passion for nature is clearly in the genes of the D'Hondt family. With his pair of binoculars in his hand, he went on many a family outing. As a member of youth movement JNM he developed his knowledge of nature even more and it was here he learned how to accompany his first groups. His study choices were self-evident. Pieter-Jan started documenting his passion for nature when the first digital camera was bought. This hobby slowly got out of hand and started to become the leitmotiv in his life. A few years later his life would be entirely dominated by nature photography.


Professional career

Pieter-Jan graduated as biologist in 2014 with a master specialisation in Ecology and Biodiversity. During his studies he was given the opportunity by the university to go to Erasmus and choose his own destination. After a mountain of paperwork he managed to get his suggestion approved: studying for 6 months at UNIS, the university centre in Svalbard, the place he fell in love with. In the summer his career as a tour guide started with Quark Expeditions. On board this American expedition ship he guided photographers in zodiacs and on land. He went in search of polar bears and other wildlife which the Extreme North has to offer. There has been no stopping him since.