Wouter Faveyts

Extensive knowledge of many birds and birds of prey, sensitive handling of difficult themes.
Birds of prey and monitoring bird populations.
Lawyer, specialised in environmental law.

Tour guide Wouter Faveyts

Birds are a real passion for tour guide Wouter Faveyts (°1979). His interests go way past nature but birds get his heart racing. His slogan is: ‘There is so much more to life than spotting birds, but a life without spotting birds would be impossible’.


Nature as leitmotif

Despite his bird passion Wouter is particularly interested in birds of prey in all their facets. From studying populations of Honey Buzzard and Hawk in their habitat to determination and enjoying endless flocks of migratory birds of prey in places where large numbers come together. He also attaches great importance to the monitoring of bird populations. You’ll sooner find him counting Yellowhammers, than finding him to twitch a (hybrid) Pine Bunting. As chairman of the Bird Working Group in the Dender valley, Wouter also actively promotes counting birds as much as possible in the working group’s area.

Wouter is a member of the Belgian Rare Bird Committee. For years he was a member of the core editorial team of Natuur.Oriolus, the largest Belgian bird magazine. He (co-)wrote dozens of publications in magazines and reports on birds. He also gives lectures and is a tour guide for bird trips.



During the last 15 years, Wouter has travelled to many European countries, the Middle East, Asia, North America, Central America and Africa. The northern climate zones, and more specifically the Palaearctic areas attract his attention.


Professional career

Wouter works as a lawyer at the Agency of Nature and Forest of the Flemish Government.