Yves Adams

Cheerful approach, professional guidance, sophisticated preparation and planning
Honourable mention in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2012)
Mainly birds and mammals, landscape photography.
Landscape Architecture and Photography
Birds, plants and vegetation, large mammals and bats, Arctic nature, amphibians and reptiles, grasshoppers

Tour guide Yves Adams

As a tour guide, nature photographer Yves Adams (°1978) will help you to shoot your dream picture and he shares his knowledge with much passion. He will gladly tell you which camera settings to use. Yves loves to go on an adventure in small groups. He knows the thrill it gives you when you finally take the picture you have been dreaming of for years, and he wants to share that feeling with you.


Nature as leitmotif

The passion for nature came to Yves Adams when as a child, using a simple picture book, he managed to determine that the bird in the garden was a Song Thrush. After several years of intensive knowledge training with organisations like youth movement JNM and Wielewaal (now Natuurpunt). Yves began to take pictures himself. Once he knew what birds to find where, he went there by bike, travelling all along the Leie Valley, finding the nicest spots. He soon conducted guided trips to those places to show others and this was swiftly followed by youth camps to help manage these sites better. Taking photographs became more and more important, and it was photography that took him to remote areas. Yves quickly took other photographers along on his trips and that way he created the best opportunities to take beautiful pictures.



Initially it was his hiking trips which took him mainly to destinations such as Scotland, the Alps and Norway. Since a few years, Yves has been organising photography tours throughout Europe. Thanks to years of preparation, he knows the best spots everywhere. And this is the best guarantee for a great picture.

Yves' preference is for the cold north, places where normal people hardly ever come. In these harsh conditions, the assistance of a guide is essential. After years of visiting extreme places like Svalbard, Yves will gladly take you to those gorgeous, often unknown locations.


Professional career

Yves is a full-time nature photographer. His pictures appear in many magazines and books. But actually what he enjoys the most is to help other photographers (amateurs and professionals) to shoot those gorgeous pictures themselves.

Tours and workshops

Snowy owl Photography: White ghosts of the high north!

7 days
fully booked
No other owl species seems to be so magical as the captivating Snowy owl. Very rare in most parts of the northern hemisphere, but pretty easy to spot in the open and accesible plains of southern Canada. Join us!
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Photography trip to Yellowstone: Bisons on the horizon!

11 days
only 1 seat left
Yellowstone National Park, an ancient nature reserve with an abundance of spectacular wildlife! Join us on this trip and enjoy a wintery landscape, abound with American Bisons!
Photo Tours

Ultimate photographic tour to Svalbard

10 days
fully booked
Svalbard must be the coolest polar experience of the northern hemisphere. And we don’t just mean the cold. Be part of an unforgettable journey on our chartered ship under the expert guidance of one of the most experienced Svalbard travellers of the BeNeLux, Yves Adams!
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Photography trip polar bears alaska

7 days
In autumn, dozens of polar bears gather in Alaska to prepare for winter. Would you like to witness this breathtaking event under the guidance of polar bear expert and nature photographer Yves Adams? Register now for this photography trip to Alaska and live the dream: take photographs of fighting polar bears from up close!
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