Kamchatka, a mysterious peninsula at the east coast of Russia. This fabulous backdrop of extinct and active volcanos is the starting point of our expedition. It is no surprise that this landscape has been designated by UNESCO as a protected heritage site. We will moor at uninhabited islands surrounded by an ocean teeming with life. Desolate fjords and endless tundras point in the direction of the endpoint of our trip: the border with the arctic circle. Kamchatka is located in between the most special places on Earth, Alaska and Siberia. In one expedition you’ll be getting the very best this world has to offer! Do you want to experience this from a front row seat?


What makes this expedition unique?

  • This is an all-in trip = carefree travel 
    All accommodation, plane tickets, meals and tour guide are included in the price.
  • Succession of highlights 
    A cruise dedicated to nature (vegetation and wildlife), landscape and nature photography.
  • Unique locations
    We travel in the most professional way to nearly inaccessible places. 
  • Professional guidance
    In addition to the super professional top crew of the ship, exceptional guides will accompany this trip. Billy Herman and Yves Adams will surround the group with a vast amount of knowledge, enthusiasm and responsibility! 
  • Relatively small group 
    The ship will sail with a maximum of 50 participants. A small number for this type of trip.
  • Flexibility on the spot
    In order to guarantee a maximum number of moorings, the crew will adapt the itinerary to local weather predictions or observations.
  • Comfortable cabins with very good beds
  • Excellent cuisine
    Top chefs from New Zealand and Australia will cook the most delicious meals throughout the trip.
  • Meeting beforehand
    We will organise a meeting before the trip to get to know each other and to answer all your questions.
  • Support for local nature conservation
    Thanks to our cruise, a team of Russian scientists will be able to transport equipment for field studies. This way, we will help with the conservation of the endangered Spoon-billed sandpiper (read more about this below).


Succession of highlights 

Expedition cruises like this are generally a succession of unforgettable moments. Just like this trip! Our 'hotel', the cosy expedition ship Spirit of Enderby, will take us from one unique location to the next. Locations which are nearly impossible to get to any other way.

The trip starts amongst the volcanos in Petropavlovsk. Steller’s sea eagle is the first highlight which will delight everyone. Our next stop is the impressive colonies of thousands of sea birds and sea lions! The Komandorski Islands with their breathtaking cliffs are teeming with puffins, black-legged kittiwakes and razorbillsSea otters who swim around our zodiac, carrying their young on their belly, complete the picture.

Next, we head back to the mainland to explore deserted fjords. Spotting dozens of brown bears here in a short amount of time is no exception. We’ll even manage to observe them at a reasonably close, but safe, distance. An experience which you will cherish!

Slowly but surely, we will travel more north. Green hills will make way for pristine tundra plains and estuaries brimming with life. We will have to make our way through hundreds of seals, grey whales and belugas to explore these magical plains with very special bird species. The spoon-billed sandpiper in summer plumage is no doubt the best yet! We conclude the trip in style with a visit to a local settlement and an immense colony of walruses.


For a realistic image of this trip, take a look at the pictures we took during our familiarisation trip in 2016. All the images in the gallery were made during this trip. This will give you an idea of the spectacular nature and versatility you can expect!


Exceptional team of guides

In 2016 we explored this trip from A to Z especially for you. It was a great success and we even made headlines in the national press with this story!

Billy Herman is one of the nature guides during this trip. This passionate biologist always goes that one step further to ensure fantastic observations and species. You’ll be enjoying landscapes, birds, vegetation and wildlife. His photographic skills will be very useful in order to help you on your way in this fabulous world of photography.  

Yves Adams is the photography guide in our team of STARLING guides. He focuses completely on the photographic part of this trip and will help you get the most out of it. Where possible we will adjust our moorings to such an extent that we can take full advantage of the beautiful light and spend a long time on land. His professional keen eye will make sure you don’t have to miss a single important moment! 

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10500 euro
guaranteed departure
Book before
01 Mar 2019
International and national return flights, all transport, all hotels and guesthouse, all meals and water during the meals, all excursions, all entrance fees for parks, insurance guarantee fund.
VISA Russia, 500 dollar cash (landing fee Russia), alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, cancellation insurance, travel insurance, purchases of a personal nature, all ‘tips’ for local employees (hotel/restaurant/etc.).

Unique cooperation with Heritage Expeditions and Joker

STARLING is organising this special expedition in cooperation with fantastic partners: Heritage Expeditions and Joker.

Heritage Expeditions has been organising this trip for more than a decade with lots of success. STARLING has been given the opportunity to start booking this trip, making it a real STARLING trip. Register now to avoid disappointment!

Joker is collaborating with us to organise the flights and the logistics on the ground. Joker is one of the biggest players in the market for organised group travel and will support us logistically so that we can concentrate even more on the content of the trip.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the political situation in Russia, and licences for commercial travel, we can only confirm the trip with any certainty one year beforehand. Yet it is necessary to register for this trip now in order to secure your place. Contact us should you have any questions.


Conservation of the Spoon-billed sandpiper

With this expedition, you’ll be helping to support the conservation of the spoon-billed sandpiper directly. It is a species of bird which is critically endangered. Thanks to our expedition, a team of Russian researchers will be able to get to locations which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. It is also the ideal opportunity to transport logistical materials (such as transport equipment) in order to be able to conduct field studies. We will become better acquainted with the local conservation project during our trip.


Accommodation and transport

The ship, Spirit of Enderby, is an ice-reinforced expedition vessel which was built in 1984 for Arctic and oceanographic research.  The capacity of the ship is only 50 passengers, guaranteeing personal guidance.  In March 2013, the whole ship was completely renovated and double cabins were built, in order to guarantee comfortable accommodation.

Half of these have private facilities. All the cabins have a window or portholes and have ample storage.

There is a bar/library/lounge on board as well as a special meeting space. The excellent food is prepared by chefs from New-Zealand and Australia.



Is this expedition for you?

The guides of this expedition are focused on giving the participants time on shore, as long as possible, with maximum safety and comfort. The excursions on land and in the zodiacs are easy. Everyone with a healthy basic condition can experience this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The aim of this trip is the ultimate, unique nature experience and quality nature photography. Enjoying pristine landscapes, incredible peace and the feeling of being alone in this world. Wildlife and nature are indescribable and omnipresent in large amounts.  

Are you a complete novice, or a seasoned photographer or birdwatcher? Literally, everyone is flabbergasted. Those who love nature will love this trip.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Call or email, we will be happy to answer all your questions.


Nature photography in Kamchatka

This trip offers endless possibilities for nature photography because of all its unique species and landscapes. In June the low and nearly always present sun provides a beautiful light for taking pictures. There is always a chance of mist and adverse weather. Together with Yves Adams, we’ll use our professional skills to make the most of every situation.


Climate, seasickness and clothing

Weather conditions for this trip are very difficult to predict. Temperatures vary greatly: on average somewhere between 10 and 25°C. Precipitation and mist are to be expected in this maritime climate.

Seasickness can occur during this trip, but it can be avoided. The comfortable cabins and beds will bring comfort in case you suffer from seasickness.


We are on a ship in open waters. Quality warm waterproof clothing and gloves are needed during this trip. Especially when we are travelling in the zodiac, the wind-chill factor can get very low. Sturdy high waterproof outdoor shoes, or boots, hat, scarf, sunglasses and sunscreen are highly recommended. Dressing in thin layers is the most efficient way of keeping warm. During the excursions, you’ll soon warm up and you’ll need to take off a few layers of clothing to avoid sweating. 

Overview of prices and payment conditions

Prices are ALL-IN per person. All return flights, accommodation and all meals are included.

  • Triple room (porthole, bunk bed + low bed, private washbasin, shared showers and toilet) € 10500 p.p. 
  • Double room (porthole, 2 beds, private washbasin, shared showers and toilet) € 11500 p.p. 
  • Double room ‘deluxe’ (windows, bunk bed, private washbasin, shower and toilet) € 12100 p.p. 
  • Double room ‘deluxe plus’ (windows, 2 beds, private washbasin, shower and toilet) € 12800 p.p.
  • Mini-suite (windows, separate room with double bed and extra bed, private washbasin, shower and toilet) € 13200
  • Heritage suite (large windows, large lounge with separate bedroom with double bed, separate bed in the lounge, private bathroom) € 14200

Calculated based on exchange rate of 01/07/2017. 1USD = 0.88 EUR.

Single rooms and cabins are only available upon request. More information via info@starlingreizen.be

Payment of this trip is done in three steps.

  • Deposit 10% upon registration
  • 01/07/2018: 20%
  • 01/03/2019: remainder of 70%

The amended GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS for this trip can be found here. You will receive payment details after you register for this trip.

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