This trip is completely dedicated to photographing polar bears. Polar bears (and grizzly bears at night) come to Barter Island before the sea ice starts forming, to fatten up before the winter. The polar bears are attracted by the carcasses of Bowhead whales, hunted by the local Inuit people. A unique photographic oportunity 


Between Inuit and polar bears

Professional nature photographer, STARLING-travel guide and lover of 'the North', Yves Adams, managed to book 5 days at this impressive site for STARLING. We will approach the polar bears on the beaches near Kaktovik using small boats. This way we are very close, yet safe, to the bears!

We plan to make boat trips every day. Each trip takes about 3 to 6 hours. In between we explore the lagoon near Kaktovik to make pictures of birds and landscapes. We might spot large groups of arctic duck species and could encounter some surprises.

We chose the travel period carefully for the best chances of fresh snow on the pebble beach. But, as always: nothing is guaranteed, since the weather is unpredictable and fresh snow is rare in Alaska! It goes without saying that this place is ever more popular with photographers and the trip will be sold out quickly. Have you booked your place yet?


Experienced travel guide

During this photography trip to Alaska you will be accompanied by professional nature photographer Yves Adams. He is familiar with photographing the species of the northern hemisphere and is an experienced traveller in wintry Canada. He is a social guy who makes sure that your intense photo trip will not only yield fabulous images but also some unforgettable stories. He also knows all about the right feeling and atmosphere to photograph the most beautiful scenery. In short: a dream guide for this 'once in a lifetime' trip.

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Yves Adams
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Barter Island LRRS Airport

Barter Island LRRS Airport



Accommodation and transport

We stay at Waldo Arms, one of the two available places to stay here. This is lodging in basic comfort, nothing luxuruous. All our meals will be provided there.

We fly to Barter Island Airport LRRS, via Anchorage and Fairbanks. We are picked up at the airport with a minibus. On location we travel by small boats and on foot.


Climate in Alaska

We expect daytime temperatures of between +5°C and -3°C. Keep in mind that the weather in Alaska is difficult to predict. So you should prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Mid-September, the sun rises at around 7 am and sets around 20 pm.

The trip requires a basic condition. The walks are limited to short distances, due to the snow.


Payment details

All payments should happen in US Dollars. The price is based on the exchange rates of EUR/USD on 19/12/2017: 1USD = 0,85 EUR.

7075 € = 8365 $  

You pay your trip in 3 waves:

  • 10% on departure
  • 20% on 01 January 2019
  • 70% on 01 September 2019

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