6 reasons to opt for STARLING for your nature trips and photography tours

There are many reasons why you should go on your photography tours and nature trips with STARLING. We have listed them here below.  


Reason 1: Pure enthusiasm

STARLING is no ordinary travel agency, but it is the dream of various nature and photography guides who are passionate about what they do. And it shows in the quality of our ecotourism. For instance, our guides are only in charge of the trips in which they are particularly interested, and they always go the extra mile to share their enthusiasm.


Reason 2: Something for everyone

We want every nature lover to have the opportunity to observe and to take pictures. That is why we offer workshops, nature trips and photography tours for all ages and levels. You can choose from trips that are suitable for young families, in-depth workshops focusing on a specific theme, adventurous expeditions and comfortable or even gastronomic nature or photography trips.


Reason 3: Only the best guides and tour leaders

All our tour guides are absolute experts in their field! They have their specific knowledge or have a pronounced affinity for a specific destination or type of animal. Others built a handsome list of prestigious awards, numerous publications, the discovery of new species or an impressive number of observations. But equally important is their passion and enthusiasm for sharing their knowledge with you. All our tour guides are non-smokers and have an excellent condition.


Reason 4: Small groups for more quality

A group will normally be made up of 6 to 10 people so we can guarantee personal supervision. Moreover, the atmosphere will remain friendly and cosy without us putting stress on nature. If there are multiple supervisors, e.g. in the case of a workshop, a group will still only count a maximum of 16 people.


Reason 5: Sustainability

Travelling is not the most ecological way of life. Yet we all need to get away from time to time. Therefore, we try to operate in as sustainable a manner as possible and we opt for small-scale ecotourism. Specifically, we regularly eat vegetarian food when we travel, we limit our paperwork like brochures and contracts. Also important: we support local nature protection initiatives on all our photographic tours and nature trips and we offer green seats to offset the CO2 emissions of flights.Unique in the nature travel industry! 


Reason 6: Cooperation with locals

Thanks to our cooperation with local guides we keep abreast of the latest developments on the ground, making us aware of the must-see hotspots. Because of our cooperation, the local population is actively made aware of the natural beauty that surrounds them. As such, every nature trip provides a clear win-win situation.