Have you ever heard of the ‘happy hunting grounds’ in a western movie? Did you know these exist in real life? They can be seen – virtually intact – in Yellowstone National Park, a real gem and a success story of nature conservation. Take pictures of the American Bison in the snow, capture the power of nature and enjoy a whole range of wildlife and spectacular landscapes.

 What makes this trip unique?

  • A clear ALL IN, except for the international flights.
  • Well-thought-out timing and preparation. During this trip, we aim for snow in order to get the best photographic opportunities. With bisons and 'hot springs' playing the leading part!
  • Daily visit to Yellowstone NP and accommodation in the unique Snow lodge in the middle of the National Park
  • Private charter of a spacious Snowcoach. Maximum freedom for maximum photographic opportunities.
  • Professional photography guidance by Yves Adams
  • Combine this trip with our Photography trip for Snowy Owl in Canada

Pristine nature  

With more than 9000 km² Yellowstone National Park is not only the largest nature reserve of the USA, it was the very first reserve in the world to be created, in 1872. The area consists of a series of woods, swamps and rivers and is located above a volcanic hotspot, explaining the many geysers and hot thermal springs. Especially during winter, it provides us with spectacular images, when the steam spurts out in the middle of the snowy plains.

The wildlife at Yellowstone National Park is unique. Numerous American Bisons roam the pastures, together with Wolves, Elks, White-tailed Deer, Coyotes and many more. In the winter, animals gather to conquer the cold together, which does not only offer many photographic opportunities, but also means they are easy to find. During this trip, we focus on the American Bison and try to capture it in its natural habitat. A unique opportunity! 


Unique concept

The timing of the trip has been chosen in order to make use of the best opportunities wintery Yellowstone has to offer. We will stay in the middle of Yellowstone, in cabins nearby Old Faithful. We will be taken there by snow taxi. From Yellowstone West we will be exploring vast snow landscapes by snowcoach, a type of bus on tracks. This will allow us to travel all over the snowy landscape, not only to have the best opportunities for photographs but also to be mobile in case new opportunities present themselves. We charter a bus for 14 people, so that everyone has ample room for movement. 

Experienced travel guide

During this trip to Yellowstone National Park you will be assisted by professional nature photographer Yves Adams. He is very familiar with the species of the northern hemisphere and has experience in wintery North America. He is very social and will ensure that this intense photo trip will not only yield strong images but also good stories. He is also very knowledgeable about the right feeling in order to capture the most beautiful landscapes and wildlife. In brief, a dream of a guide.

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Old Faithful Geyser

West Yellowstone


Accommodation and transport

In order to make the best use of our time, we have opted for accommodation close to picturesque locations. The hotels are of very good quality. As standard you can count on spacious double rooms, with bathroom. A single room is available as an option. During this trip, we make use of transport, adapted to the conditions. We will travel from one location to the next using a spacious 4x4 all-terrain vehicle. For transport in the park in snowy conditions, we will be making use of a snow taxi to bring us to the hotel. We have also chartered a veritable snowcoach, on tracks, so we can get to the most beautiful locations even when there is a lot of snow. We have the freedom to go where we want and to halt there for as long as we want. All this to make this trip as comfortable as possible.

International flights are not included in the price, but we are more than happy to help you book these. Take into account an amount of 800 to 900 euro for flights (prices in januari 2018) from Europe. It is also possible to combine this trip with the photography trip for Snowy Owl in Canada, and save on flight expenses. Ask us for more information when you register.


Accessibility and photography

We will never walk a long distance, but the deep snow and cold, and long days will be a challenge. Everyone is welcome to take part in this trip, and with adapted clothing you will be able to conquer the cold. Fast cameras are a good choice, with lenses from 200mm to 600mm. Distances will vary greatly, with a few tame Bisons at a few metres distance to some who will only be captured in the distance. The trip is suitable for anyone who has a basic knowledge of photography, a healthy interest is sufficient. Yves will help you with personal advice and lots of patience once we are there.



Warm clothing is essential during this trip, because we will be outside a lot in very cold temperatures. Yves can tell you how to dress and which clothing is the best for these kinds of temperatures. We can expect a great variety of temperatures, going from -5°C to -25°C, and that is not taking into account the wind chill factor!

Lens covers will protect your valuable equipment. On an average day, we will take quite a lot of pictures, and in this cold you’ll have to bring a lot of battery power. Memory cards with lots of capacity are a must! We also recommend you bring your laptop with fast memory card readers and memory space. You will be amazed at how many pictures you will take in each session.

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